【Special collaboration with Anello (R)】 Rucksack · Backpack Lilo & Stitch Aloha

RM459.00 RM188.00


“Anello (R)” (Anello) who is doing manufacturing with the concept of “I do not care too much, there are some points and you feel it is instinct”.
A special collaborative project with “anello (R)” has been realized. It is a stylish lineup centered on bag pack ★
Stitch is dancing and relaxing … · Packed with toned tones of vigorous Stitch, it is a perfect backpack for adult girls. The opening containing the opening gold is over! And open, the mouth is fixed, easy to see the contents are easy to retrieve and convenient! On the back, contents can be put in and out with one hand, with a direct-coupled fastener. Cha also arrives in the inner pocket! The side pocket is perfect for putting plastic bottles! It has many other features, it is a charming item ☆
★ Gift bag suitable for this item is XL size ★


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